The Nomad World Pub features a distinctive collection of craft, local and import beers. We like to say Travel the World & Never Leave your Barstool!

We change our tap beer offerings pretty often, so we can’t guarantee that this list is always totally current. However, we’ll probably be able to offer you something similar if the beer you see here isn’t on when you come to the bar. Last updated- 01/25/2017

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On Tap:

Bauhaus Sky-Five IPA – Generous late hop additions provide loads of hop flavor, with just enough bitterness to ignite your senses and make your wilder dreams come true. Notes of citrus, passionfruit and spice are supported by German and British malts, building a full-flavored yet balanced IPA. So raise your glass, raise your hand, and then raise your other one — and give yourself a big SKY-FIVE! (6.7% ABV)

Empyrean Mango IPA – Ripe with aromas of mango and tropical fruits followed by layered flavors of bright hop bitterness, the alcohol and sweet mango become stronger as it warms in your glass. Pairs well with spicy dishes, barbeque and grilled beef or salmon.(7.8% ABV)

Tall Grass Vanilla Bean Buffalo Sweat–  The premiere cask creation from Tall Grass was Buffalo Sweat oatmeal cream stout infused with whole vanilla beans. It was so well-received at its debut at a firkin festival that it quickly evolved into their winter seasonal. This variety adds the silky sweetness of vanilla to the original Buffalo Sweat, creating a rich and creamy, medium-bodied well-balanced beer. (5.2% ABV)

Summit English Barleywine- A beautifully balanced strong ale, deep orange in color, with huge complexity and warmth. Powerful aromas of English toffee, orange marmalade, fresh herbs and spicy citrus lead to a full body and intense finish. (11.5% ABV)

Empyrean Barrel Aged Session Stout– This low-alcohol stout features a full-bodied malt backbone highlighted with black and roast malts. The beer got a quick, 45-day dip in fresh bourbon barrels to impart a balanced oak and bourbon character. To top this creation off, we opted for nitro dispense — adding a creamy-smooth mouthfeel that holds it all together. (5.0% ABV)

Capital DoppelbockWith a deep copper hue and rich malty flavor, this renowned doppelbock warms like burning embers of a mid-autumn fire as the nights grow cooler. Brewed with Hallertau Mittlefruh hops and Brewers, Munich, and Honey malts, you may be tempted to share, but keep this one to yourself! It’s that good.  (7.8% ABV)

Hellarita Our rotating house cocktail on tap. Mixed as our take on a Margarita, topped with Surly Hell and finished with a Cointreau and Tabasco float for a bit of a kick.

McKenzie’s Seasonal Reserve: Apple Pie Cider–  Flavored with Cinnamon and Nutmeg. Sip, smell and savor the rich, mulled spicy goodness of McKenzie’s Seasonal Reserve. Aromatic fall flavors warm you from the inside out, and chase away the chill on those cold nights. Serve warm or cold, but only for a limited time!  (5.0% ABV)

Surly Hell– A pale-gold lager with bready malt aromas and flavors, floral hop aroma, and a balanced finish. (4.5% ABV)

Fulton Lonely Blonde – The Lonely Blonde wears a delicate fragrance of German noble hops, and slips a touch of white wheat between American pale and crystal malts for a smooth, sensuous body, fair complexion, and a pleasantly lacy white head. Crisp carbonation slinks the Lonely Blonde quickly away, and you’re left with nothing but a slight lingering sweetness as you contemplate how The Lonely Blonde can be so beautiful on so many levels. (4.8% ABV)

Surly Furious Brewed with a dazzling blend of American hops and Scottish malt, this crimson-hued ale delivers waves of citrus, pine and caramel-toffee. (6.2% ABV)

Founder’s Breakfast Stout The coffee lover’s consummate beer. Brewed with an abundance of flaked oats, bitter and imported chocolates, and two types of coffee, this stout has an intense fresh-roasted java nose topped with a frothy, cinnamon-colored head that goes forever. (8.3% ABV)

Jameson Irish Whiskey– That’s right. Whiskey on tap.

Left Hand Milk Stout– Dark & delicious, America’s great milk stout will change your perception about what a stout can be. (6% ABV)

Rogue Hazelnut Brown – A nutty twist to a traditional European Brown Ale. Dark brown in color with a hazelnut aroma, a rich nutty flavor and a smooth malty finish. (5.6% ABV)

Capital Ghost Ship White IPAThis unfiltered ale is brewed with wheat, spices, and citrus which are accentuated by the bright grapefruit flavor and aroma of Amarillo hops.  (5.6% ABV)

NOT on tap:


Fulton Sweet Child Of Vine A serious malt backbone that can stand up to all the hops, creating a delightful balance. It’s an IPA, Fulton-style. (6.4%ABV) 6

Grainbelt Premium   An American Lager with light to medium straw color. Light malt flavor and detectable sweetness. Unique Premium hop aroma and flavor with a low hop bitterness. (4.7% ABV) 5

Grainbelt Nordeast An American Amber. Light maltiness and hop aroma with a mild bitterness. Smooth taste with excellent drinkability. (4.7% ABV) 5

Indeed Day Tripper This American Pale Ale is made with four pounds of hops per barrel, which give this beer a dank, and citrus laced aroma. (5.4% ABV) 6

Lift Bridge Farm Girl Saison – Lightly carbonated, moderately sweet, medium-bodied Belgian-style Ale, with a bit of spice from the Belgian yeast. (5.8% ABV)

Surly BenderThis oatmeal brown ale tastes of cocoa, coffee, malts and vanilla. (5.5% ABV) 6

Surly Coffee Bender– Surly Bender infused with locally roasted Guatemalan coffee.  (5.1% ABV)  6

Summit EPABorn in 1986, Summit EPA is an approachably hoppy beer that is both earthy and citrusy. Kinda makes you feel like you’re in St. Paul. (5.2% ABV) 5




Bell’s Two HeartedThis Michigan brewed IPA is known for its’ drinkability and its’ fish-heart related name. (7% ABV) 6

Brooklyn LagerDry hopped for added bitterness and a clean finish, amber-gold in color with a firm malt center.(5.2% ABV) 6

Budweiser– The King of beers owned by a Belgian company. (5% ABV) 5

Bud Lite– The King’s lighter cousin. Still mainly drank in St. Louis. (4.2% ABV) 5

Crispin Brown’s Lane– A lightly sparking, crisply effervescent cider made with traditional English bittersweet cider apples. (5.8%ABV) 6

Heineken– The gentleman’s beer. (5% ABV) 5

Lonestar– Tough to like Texas, but this is an ok reason. (3.8% ABV) 5

Martens Wheat– It’s the everyday wheat beer of Belgium. (5% ABV) 6

Pabst Blue Ribbon– Cheap, delicious and American! (5% ABV) 4

Sapporo– A Japanese Rice Lager style beer brewed in Tokyo. (5%ABV) 6

Stiegl Radler Grapefruit- Grapefruit juice provides this Radler with a naturally cloudy appearance and a tart aromatic note, leading to a juicy, fruity taste sensation with a refreshing finish. (3%ABV) 6



Chimay Triple- The Chimay Triple, last-born of the Abbey, is golden Trappist beer that combines sweet and bitter in a rare balance. (8%ABV) 8.50

Delerium Tremens– Latin for “Shaking frenzy”, this Belgian strong ale was voted one of the 50 best beers in the world. (8.5%ABV) 6.50

Duvel- A Belgian-style Strong Pale Ale brewed by Moortgat Brewery. The name Duvel means “devil” in three languages. (8.5% ABV) 8

Kwak- A Belgian Strong Pale Ale, which was first brewed in 1791, and known for its unique glass. (8.4% ABV) 8.50

La Chouffe– This unfiltered blonde Ale is fruity, lightly hoppy and spiced with coriander. Sort of a Belgian beer brewed to be resemble it’s crafty American counterparts. (8% ABV) 9

La Fin Du Monde- The End of the World. Made in Chambly, Quebec, Triple-style Golden Ale with a complex palate of malt, fruit and spice, a dry finish. (9% ABV) 7

Leffe Blond– Elegant, refreshing, unforgettable. (6.60%ABV) 6.50

Lindeman’s Framboise- Like all Lambic beers, fruit is used for flavor in place of hops. Lindeman’s chooses fresh raspberries, making framboise crisp, sweet, tart, and addicting. (2.5% ABV) 9.75

Maredsous Brune- Once brewed only at Christmas time, this brown has become the most recognizable of the Maredsous beers. It’s a Tripel with caramel and malt bouquet that is complemented by fruity notes. (8% ABV) 7.50

Saison Dupont- Widely considered the pinnacle of all classic Belgian Saisons. Farm-brewed since 1844. (6.5% ABV) 8

Tripel Karmeliet– The recipe for this beer was created in 1679 by monks and uses three types of grain; wheat, oats and barley. This Belgian tripel tastes of fresh wheat, and creamy oat, and has a lemony, yet dry finish. (8.4% ABV) 8.50


So many great options!….

Amstel Light- Leaders of the American light beer revolution since 1980. (3.54% ABV) 5

Buckler N/A– Tastes like beer but it won’t get you drunk. Sad, but sometimes necessary. 5

Carlsberg– This session-able pilsner hails from Denmark and is the sponsor of U.E.F.A. (5% ABV) 5

Coors Light– The world’s most refreshing beer, so they say. (4.24% ABV) 4

Corona– Born in 1925 in Mexico, where it is still brewed and bottled today, Corona is a smooth, sweet beer and a favorite import worldwide. (4.6% ABV) 5

Deschutes Black Butte Porter– A slight hop bitterness up front with distinctive chocolate, roasted finish. It’s prized for its creamy mouthfeel and intense complex flavors. (5.2%ABV) 6

Guinness- A dry Irish stout, that is creamy, dark and just as delicious on St. Patrick’s Day as the other 364 days of the year. (4.2% ABV) 5

Negra Modelo– Mexico’s top selling dark beer. (5.4% ABV) 5

Omission Gluten Free IPA– A bright, hop forward Northwest Style IPA. The finish is crisp, clean, and refreshing . (6.7%ABV) 6

Red Stripe– Jamaican style lager and sponsor of the Jamaican bob-sled team, and it feels great in your hand. (4.7% ABV) 5

Tiger-A bold lager, born and brewed in the heart of Asia through a tropical lagering process. (5%ABV) 6



DeuS- A “Bière de Champagne”, or champagne of beers. The process begins in Belgium and ends where it is bottled near Champagne, France. The techniques used are centuries old and include three phases of fermentation, aging in a cellar for 9 months, and dégorgement to release the yeast from the neck of the bottle. (11.5% ABV) 750ml 50