What’s a prix fixe? prix fixe; noun; 1. From French: A meal of fixed price. 2. current American English Slang: A series of mind-altering substances or vices. 3. From the Nomad World Pub: A meal in two courses; beer and liquor: Tecate and your choice of a baby Jameson Irish Whiskey or Altos tequila for $6.

Can I bring my dog? YES! Bring your well-trained pooch!….maybe not to a busy Friday night show, but our patios are a great place to enjoy time with your doggie while simultaneously enjoying an adult beverage every afternoon of the week!

Where can I park my car? Almost anywhere! However, if you’re looking to stay legal and ticket-free try one of these…There’s parking immediately adjacent to the Nomad, the address of the pay lot is 519 Cedar Ave S and $5 will get you all night parking. There is also a city lot, Lot C, next to the Hard Times Café located at 1821 Riverside Ave which we validate parking for. Street parking is free after 6pm.