Hi There!

Are you looking for booking at the Nomad? Well then, nice work. You’ve found us. Please contact booking@nomadpub.com with all the following info:

– Band Name
– A brief description of your band
– Link to Band Facebook
– Link to Band Music
– Event Idea
– Target Dates
– Line up in Mind (if any)
– Bands you know, have played with, or are in contact with

A quick snapshot of our availability

Mondays: We have Trivia until 9:30. At the moment we don’t have later programming. This is an ideal opportunity for touring bands routing through or bands that haven’t played at the Nomad to show us your stuff.

Tuesday: We have 2On Tuesday with That Dude Trey & B Rock. This is a Hip Hop Dance Night, so we don’t book any artists or bands on Tuesdays.

Wednesdays: We host a variety of events. Metal DJs to Reggae bands, Hip Hop to Bluegrass, Rock to Literary events. Wednesdays are a great night to shoot for if it’s your first event at the Nomad.

Thursdays: We have our local band residency, 8 years running and going strong, called Minneseries. This is a month long weekly event curated and hosted by a new and exciting local band. If you think you’d be a good fit for Minneseries let us know why. Also check out our Minneseries page for some more info on this Twin Cities tradition.

Friday/Saturday: We host a variety of events. We shoot for bigger bands and larger draws. Generally we expect a < 150 paid on a weekend night. Sundays: In terms of booking are a lot like Mondays. Great for touring bands and first timers at the Nomad as well as old West Bank Friends.

A few Things to Consider

Promotion: The Nomad expects you and the other artists or bands to be able to promote your event and draw a crowd. If you guys can’t print, hang fliers around town, distribute handbills, and be active on social media to help promote the event, please don’t bother getting a hold of us. We pay for ads in the paper, display provided posters and handbills in the bar, and are very active on our social media outlets to help promote every event. We want you to have a good crowd and make money!

Radius: Like most live venues in the world we rely on your draw to keep the lights on. We expect that if booked you take the event seriously and put all your efforts into making this one a real success. This means for us that you are expected to not book another local (St Paul included) event the same week you are playing at the Nomad. Heck, make it two weeks. It’s better for your over all draw and all venues involved feel better about the event.

Underagers: We are 21+ venue. We have tried many times in the past 10 years to make 18+ events work. They just don’t for us. If you have underagers in the band we need to know ahead of time. This means No Underage Girl/Boyfriends, Merch People, Photographers, Live Painters, family or friends. They pose a liability to our liquor license and that is our life blood. No exceptions.

Merch Sales: Bands keep 100% of merch sales sold at the Nomad. It is however good form to hook up the sound guy with a copy of your disc. Also, the booking guy loves to collect local and touring discs. He especially loves vinyl.

Sound: The Nomad has a talented staff of experienced sound techs. We have a quality PA. You can check out the spec sheet here. If you have a sound tech of your own for your bands set or your event let us know ahead of time. We love to have outside engineers come in. Please note that our tech will still have to be there and your guy with have to work with our tech to make the event happen, not the other way around.

Payout: On a night there is a cover charge The Nomad pays out 100% of the door after our Sound Expenses are recouped ($100 weekends/$75 weekdays). This is normal payout scenario unless other arrangements are to be made.